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Company Size for Your utmost experience during an Internship in China?


Internship participants usually get confused about what constitutes a transformative experience which I usually call the WOW- EXPERIENCE!! In this article, I wish to express my opinion on what matters. This edition series expands on size of Internship Companies.

In summer 2013, out of 450 applicants who applied for our out Paid Summer Internship in China Programs, 379 opted for large Multinational Organizations with the rest not knowing what they wanted. This got me curios!  For all these years that I served as China Internship Program Coordinator and later consulting for companies in designing internship programs, I never noticed that Interns are more concerned about size.

I confirmed my curiosity by interviewing all participants one after the other and I was right. Interns consider Internship Placements into very large organizations as being the Trump Card to gaining rich experiences. This perception is not entirely wrong but there are exceptions.

Internship with Multinational Companies

Huge multinational organizations offer some solid feeling of diversified and multicultural work environment, properly laid and effective work processes and any other features associated with them. Many of these companies are nevertheless not willing to be flexible with interns and are either over protective of their trade or technology secrets or are just not willing to expose interns to deeper exposure. There is an iota of truth in this believe though and that lays in the fact that some Internship Projects needed to be landed in respectable companies for example Consultancy, Finance, Management and Marketing. Multinational organizations have diversified and complex products and service base serving clients across the world which presents opportunities for experience gathering through solving complex problems but there exists no guarantee of having all that exposure. I will not hasten to add that these areas although may not necessarily require a big organization for a good exposure, it is a plus.

Internship with Medium Sized Companies

On the contrary, Medium sized companies pose very interesting opportunities as well. I have noticed that this category of organizations give interns a great deal of exposure till the core of their business. They are looking to expand, learn and incorporate best practices into their operations. They are now growing and are therefore opened to constructive criticisms of their systems and welcome all manner of ideas. Internship placements made into these companies usually turns out well with good exposure and mentoring processes completely embraced. Technical sectors such as All Engineering, New Energy including solar, the ICT sector, Building and Construction and to mention but few, are best placed into medium sized companies. Here, participants are given best and maximum exposure without fear entertained by Multinational Organizations. The beauty of these experiences is that it is technical whether acquired from a small company or a huge one “what matters is ability to do”. It is worth noting also that these organizations are not that small as they range from 20 to 40 staff members.

Merits of an Internship with a Medium Sized Company

One of the overarching advantages of interning with a medium sized company goes to interns who really want to launch or revamp their career ambitions in China. Internship Program participants in medium sized Organizations stand a 60% chance of being handed a full time job in China compared to a 20% possibility in the case of Multinational organizations. I encourage you to read landing a permanent job in China through an internship.

I managed to lay down as many issues here as possible as there exist no straight jacked approach to deciding which is ideal but experience could make a good judgment. I do encourage Internship Participants to consider making good choices and weighing the issues before accepting offers.

On this particular issue, I am open for free consultation in helping interns make good decisions. I can be contacted via email due to my schedules, I answer these emails on weekends but in case of emergency, the writer should indicate.

Anthony Steward

Author: Anthony Steward


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