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Congratulations to Our Interns: Winners of the Euro Kick Off Live Football!

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China Internship Placement’s summer internships are unique in the sense that we arrange an array of summer-exclusive activities for our interns to participate in. Our summer interns can take part in exciting activities, such as Open Bar Parties, BBQ and Wine Gatherings, Travel Expeditions to Historical sites, Mountain Hiking, Bungee Jumping, Cycling, and much more.  Our competitive events build friendships, keep you fit, and help you relieve some of that workplace stress. The summer of 2016 is no exception, and the events have begun again!

China Internship

On June 11, CIP interns participated in the 3 vs. 3 Live Football Tournament at the EURO2016 Kick Off Party in Beijing, China.  The event was hosted by Marriott Hotel - Beijing Northeast in the form of a buffet and all you can drink bar.  As the event lasted the entire evening, the program included a FIFA Playstation tournament, Football Pub Quiz, a live DJ, and the 3 vs. 3 Live Football game. CIP interns participated in quite a few activities that day, but the most notable participation was in the 3 vs. 3 Football Tournament, which our interns championed.

China Internship

In total, 23 teams participated in the 3 vs. 3 Football Tournament, and the elimination rounds took all day. By evening, our interns emerged as winners after competing in the finals with a team named “Liverpool”, made of young foreign expats. Winning required strength and determination to make it through the group stages, so we are very proud of our interns.  As such, we wish the interns: Christian, finance intern from Germany; Alex, international trade intern from the UK; and Samuel, international economics and commerce intern our heartfelt congratulations!

The three interns left the event with a trophy, assorted drinks, certificates of participation, and a complimentary dinner with the entire Marriott Hotel Beijing staff!  The first class dining service will include the entire Marriott Hotel faculty, including their senior management team and the kitchen staff.

 Interns in China Activities

CIP will be running a series of reports on our summer activities, both upcoming and events that have passed. Subscribe to our emails to get more details and information on what is happening this summer plus updates on Vacancies, Jobs, Promotions and Cultural Insights about China!


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Author: Jessica Suotmaa

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