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CIP’s New Job Platform: What is it for?

To help young adults easily find jobs in China for free.


If you are a frequent visitor of our website, you may have noticed a slight change.  An additional icon was added on the menu bar over the weekend.  Although this change looks subtle and unnoticeable, it is a huge development for CIP.  We have introduced this new job platform because our recent survey result showed that 90% of young graduates and university students looking to intern in China would like to gain permanent jobs in China after their internship ends.  

With the quest to continue providing life-long career services and guiding  young people on launching their careers in China, CIP developed a new User Management Module  to connect Western job seekers and employers in China. Originally, the idea was to only allow CIP participants and Alumni to enjoy the job search function, but was later extended to include job seekers who cannot afford to do an internship in China. Even though, the new platform allows all and sundry to benefit, our Alumni still enjoy certain premium services to fast track their employment hunt.

The project began six months ago with over 800 companies buying into the idea and allowing us to display their internal vacancies, which is to say that all displayed organizations will officially publish their job opportunities on our platform. The number of organizations is expected to rise beyond 1,500 after August 2016. Aside from the Fortune 500 organizations showing an overwhelming support, startups, and tech companies could not wait for us to get started. Prior to our launching this past Saturday, March 12, 2016 , over 370 organizations have already published their profiles, pending approval, to share their vacancies with you!

Our job search platform is the first of its kind, for we are the only internship placement platform to unveil a system for young adults to find jobs independently, and allowing organizations in China to interact directly with foreign talents.

Our head of operations would like everyone to understand that this is the first release and may be unstable for the time being. We look forward to your reviews and feedback for future improvement.


Salient features of the platform include:

When users log in for the first time, the system walks them through all the features; we call this the “Walk-through Introduction”.  We highly encourage users to be patient and observe till the end by clicking next after observing a particular feature.

  1. A complete personal profile built from the scratch with relevant personal information as found on a CV. The system shows the user’s progress in profile completion, and we encourage all applicants to fill in as many details as possible, to at least 85% profile completion, and thus better attract HR Managers.

 Jobs in China

  1. Personal Statement: The personal statement is a chance for users to draw employer attention. It is a snap shot, 255-character description including spaces. We encourage users to keep it short and sweet.

 China Jobs 2


  1. CV Upload Section:

This segment allows users to upload their CVs / Resumes for company perusal.

 China jobs

  1. CIP’s Programs:

We have listed all of our programs to make application to them easy and simple. With users already registered on the platform, applying to internship and other programs takes just a click of a button.

 jobs in china

  1. Application Progress Bar:

We have noticed that the application process meter would often turn black, creating anxiety as interns do not know the status of their applications until offers are sent out. The waiting time has resulted in many inquiries and emails back and forth, so we have  created an application tracking system which keeps program applicants informed of their status.


  1. List of companies and partner organizations on our platform

Applicants are allowed to view organization profiles. Presently, there are very few  as we are scrutinizing ownership profiles to ensure the accounts created belong to the right organizations and have factual information. This screening process takes a certain amount of time as the confirmation process is cumbersome. We ask for your patience as we put in efforts to verify each and every company listed. Regardless, we do have a few companies already approved that also list their vacancies.

 Internships in China

  1. General Vacancies

The User Management Module also lists all vacancies in the system by the time published. Users could view these vacancies and apply directly.

 Vacancies in China

  1. Messaging system:

Allows system users to interact with

  • Partner organizations and their HR Managers
  • Our program advisers and Personal Program Directors
  • The system administrator
  • Career Advisers - Career Experts from our partner universities

 Messaging System

  1. Career Advisers and Coaches

Our Program applicants are allocated Program Advisers and Career Coaches, whose profiles are displayed at the bottom left corner. Program advisers are human resources, while career coaches are selected to help our applicants via coaching and mentoring.

 Career Advisers

  1. Reviews

We had this feature leftover for feedback from past internship program participants, but we would also like to use it for collecting comments from system users. Feel free to use it to leave us recommendations and suggestions!

Job Reviews

  1. Blogging Feature

The platform allows users to submit articles to be published on our main website blog. We believe our system users are savvy writers and bloggers, so if you have a blog and would like to increase your readership, you could use this feature to reach out to our 7,000 subscribers via our email newsletter, get noticed, and even increase traffic to your personal blog!

 Blogging Feature

  1. Conneting to Social Media

Display your social media profiles, such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook on your account by linking them to your profile.  Social media platforms are a simple way of revealing more about you without having to copy paste onto our platform.

 Conneting to Social Media

  1. Recover a password

We have made recovering a password as easy forgetting it! On the log in page, just click on recover password for further instructions.


  1. Updates and Others 

it is easy to hop between the platform and then our main website and the procedure is simple. Users can click on their user names at the top right corner and as illustrated in the picture below and then click on "to main site" drop down menu.

Updates and Others


Everyone has a picture identity on their profiles, so be proud of yours! Upload your professional head shot and let us see your broad smile. Profiles with pictures have attracted twice as many views compared to those without.

Updates and Others


Notifications of the numerous updates we will be releasing, including live job updates, who’s viewed your profile, the number of profile views, and new company profiles, will be displayed each time you login to the module.


We will continue to develop the module until all intended features are fully functional and bug-free. In the meantime, we encourage all of you reading this article to jump on the wagon and start creating your profile today! Write a quality profile and pay close attention the flow of company profiles and vacancies as they trickle in. Get started early, and you might be the first set to secure a permanent job in China!


Jobs in China


Jessica Suotmaa

Author: Jessica Suotmaa

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